Thursday, November 18, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Discrete Headwear

Local SPOTLIGHT: Discrete Headwear 

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Discrete Headwear is a Salt Lake based company founded by Julian Carr. With over 60+ athletes sponsored by Discrete, it makes it one of the biggest head wear companies out there in the ski/snowboard industry. Their product line for the 2010/2011 season is filled with great twist on classic beanies.  With over 20 beanies to choose from, including 2 adorable children's beanies, there is something for everyone.

The Datlet, (my must have hat for the ski season) is an update to the 80's throwback pom styled beanie features an oversized pom with a relaxed fitting body. The Haskell on the other hand is really a new silhouette of ski beanies, baggy & loose, ill(as in totally sick)-fitting and really meant to capture the owners killer swag. The hats are mostly unisex, but ladies if your looking for more of a feminine hat try the Jenerator, a pro model from Jen Hudak this hat is super sexy for the winter. Lastly check out the Kid's Korf hat because it is adorable, the bear head is an instant heart warmer on top of any child's head.

The Datlet in Kelly Green/Yellow Pom

The Haskell in Black/Neon Yellow Stripe

The Jenerator in Purple/Silver Lurex

The Korf in Bear Brown

Thank you for the photos Discrete!

So make sure when looking to buy your next beanie check out Discrete first.
Find out where you can buy Discrete beanies locally HERE

Also if your nowhere near any of those retailers 
you can also purchase them from Utah's own
Where they offer an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on ALL products

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