Monday, December 13, 2010

nothing but love for the iPad

I had this great experience over the past weekend being on the student panel at MP's Search Insider Summit. It was held at the St. Regis at Deer Valley, and what a place to have it! Nothing but fabulous. Anyways, while I was there I met a ton of industry execs and CEOs, and what I noticed the most of all them was their glossy iPad glued to their hands. When did the technology world start using the iPad so prominently? And more or less, why must I want one so bad now? 
The iPad (no 3G)

The iPad, a first generation apple product is a must have for the savvy tech student. The first thing I noticed was the up to 10-hour battery life spec. I know from experience that 10 hours would be amazing to have on any laptop or netbook. Another thing that grabbed my attention was the option for 3G, the standard iPad comes with Wi-Fi and Digital Compass options, but the upgraded version of the iPad come with Wi-Fi + 3G. The Wi-Fi + 3G is offered on a month-by-month plan. 250MB for $14.99 and 2GB for $25.00. With the 3G the iPad's battery life scales down to 9 hours of battery life. 
The iPad (with 3G)

Check out the Apple iPad video here, great video that includes everything you could ever want to know about the iPad and its technology. 

Some of my favorite specs of the iPad
3 different capacity sizes: 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive. 
the built in speaker & microphone 
headphone jack  
the 9.7 inch LED widescreen 

Some of my favorite apps and features
the mail app and its unified mailbox
the photo app and its Airplay options to sync to your Apple TV
iBooks the new apple app to blow out the Kindle readers, and also now a PDF reader (my personal favorite) 

The only thing its missing....the FACETIME technology.
Lets be real students love camera on their computers but one of the front and rear of the iPad would ROCK! Take a look at the iPad pricing here and be sure to order yours ASAP for Christmas! 

Be sure when you purchase your iPad to click over to ZAGG. They are a local SLC company and they offer great skins and invisbleSHIELDs to protect the front and back of your iPad. 

My favorite ZAGG iPad LEATHERskin 

So SOS followers make sure to hit your local apple store to check out the iPad in real life. 
And be sure to check back for all the updates on the iPad here, I hear the iPad 2 is coming soon! 

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